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  1. it is exactly the same as the one on the left
  2. i usually change mine when all the lining and padding starts to crumble
  3. good track Pete like that one
  4. dont think i could afford one
  5. a fairly full weekend planned then
  6. Sadly Paul smart road racer died yesterday following a road collision he was 78
  7. i still have my old multimode 2
  8. get some creosote on it quick
  9. no havent been to southport for a bit
  10. bit late for being pupped then
  11. dont think anyone wants to be in that weirdo glitters gang anymore
  12. strange when we saw them at southport he announced it on stage they were getting wed, must have been a change of plan
  13. what the dark haired one ? and he has a bald head now as well. seen ba roberts at the guild hall as well
  14. didnt see flashing lights saw some beer's though
  15. now married to one of the birds in the band
  16. nah good booser with some fit looking birds in it
  17. been to see the human league in southport also
  18. good concert though, and a good little pub across the road
  19. yep i once went to one of his gang shows many years ago in manchester
  20. madness at preston guild hall and the petshop boys in manchester
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