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  1. BSA GOLDSTAR post a photo Pete, if i could afford one i would be there like a shot
  2. yes i think with the iom a lot of the residents dont want it anymore so in a few years it wont be an event anymore plus if all the race bikes run on batteries that wont help, i have been over there and watched them and really i would sooner watch wire wool go rusty they are not that exiting
  3. it will be great in the isle of man on race weeks when everyone is trying to charge their bikes life will turn interesting
  4. so do we it is snowing well here at the moment
  5. it is nothing to do with all that ale and curry last night is it
  6. most women can talk a glass eye to sleep
  7. good to see you are putting it together
  8. and trials bikes dont have any seat at all
  9. well we are getting there, any more AC/DC
  10. what we need is some tunes with some shit kicking beat really liven things up, i will leave it with you
  11. happy birthday have a good one
  12. what Ivan the terrible
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