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Sir Fallsalot

Beta Bum Boys

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Had another outing on the Beta with my mate on his Beta we were like Beta bum boys🤣 weather was a little cold but great for the trails getting wet n the Pontypool area again
here's a couple of photos and video clips didn't take many as the riding was hard in places 


I think the bikes look photo shopped in here



Me looking... well eh yeh


My mate 

Thought i was going to impale myself on that branch while washing the bike

My mates phone is shite 360p WTF 


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38 minutes ago, Slowlycatchymonkey said:

Great stuff yet again. Going to have change your name from Sir Fallsalot to Sir Deliversthegoods!

Na......I can't see how he could mount a Deliveroo box on the Beta.

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