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Another Lockdown Coming.......


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......word on the street is it'll take effect from 18th September so they can eke out more tourist revenue up till then. Then we'll have to live with the aftermath!

And that time will coincide with temperatures dropping to more pleasant levels! Sort of like the end of the first lockdown coinciding with the wall of heat coming down!

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I can't get over that shit. 

Portugal has been complaining that the UK doesn't open traffic for tourists to come here and return freely, arguing that we are better than the UK at the moment, and that they have no reason to protect themselves from us. Well, if the UK is really in a far worse condition than Portugal at the moment then why in the royal fuck would we want hordes of uk tourists coming over? And why is the government openly trying to open borders? Honestly, there is no shame in politics or economics.

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43 minutes ago, Clive said:

Living out in the sticks has its benefits?

Absolutely Clive!

And August is the worst time because visitors come in........which increases the risk.

The other 11 months nobody comes here!

Which is nice! 

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Damn right @XTreme , Portugal might be off the list but their filthy deseased tourists aren’t off my list!

Never mind knuckledraggers or innits, just means doubletime off my list.

Portugal should make me master of tourism greencards, it would improve this shit no end!

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Just now, Clive said:

On the list..off the list... I ain't venturing anywhere till it's 100% safe!

Cos iam classes as old and vulnerable!?

Get on the deserted stuff! 

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11 minutes ago, Clive said:


Police have a ongoing war with off roaders in our area.............cos the guys from the golf club complain about the noise.


I used to go through the golf club in my mountainbike when was a kid, they didn’t like that. 

 It’s the oldest golf club in continental Europe, it’s got some history, so when I got the XR a few year ago someone might have left them a little roost trail ...

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14 minutes ago, Buckster said:

Is that due to the ginger infestation reported in abandoned villages?

Do you want me to show you a pic of a camera? Cos that's what's going to happen! :littleguy:

And you know that a camera to you is like Kryptonite to Superman! ?

What you say @Tym?

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37 minutes ago, XTreme said:

Give you more time to chat with your neighbours though Ray! :classic_laugh:

Yes that's true, there's nothing I'd like better than an in depth conversation with Mr Cunty. ?

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