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Second Weekend in August!


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2 hours ago, Lone Amigo said:

Tym, you were in 4th just reeling him in whenever you wanted?

I dunno, i dont think the kid was trying that hard tbh...:classic_unsure:

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11 hours ago, Earache said:

Pretty much he same with me.

I actually edited this short boring clip out of a longer boring clip, im on my way to Hollyweird! :dancebanana:


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2 minutes ago, Clive said:

Halfrauds HDC100......just wanted a cheap one.....as I won't be using it that much.

They don't make it......they just stick their name on it.

It'll be Chinese for sure......nightmare trying to get apps or firmware for those as I understand it.

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43 minutes ago, BusBoy said:

The boy's mavic mini. Amazing little thing. I used to fly RC planes and helicopters. The helicopters were a particular handful. These things are almost autonomous. They'd be great for filming some of your abandoned villages and ride pit stops.

Yeh.....I've heard good things about them!

Do they contain everything you need or have you got to buy a lot of other accessories?

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3 minutes ago, BusBoy said:

Im no expert Pete. It belongs to my boy. We bought it as a kit and it came with everything he needs. Ive seen some people sucked into it big time though and especially in the Med boating scene what these things can all do is amazing. Some have these follow and film and especially in sports fishing . The action takes with fish and boat is quite spectacular.

Cupid is the one who's into this stuff......but I think he's now moved onto taking pics of birds in his garden.

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