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  1. alfalfa

    Moab 2021

    Yeah. 4 layers of clothes will help, some times. (the snow storm in upcoming parts was "interesting")
  2. alfalfa

    Moab 2021

    It seemed like a good idea at the time - ride to Moab, UT as the temps wouldnt be in the 100s (38C) anymore. And, they werent. However, they were in the 30s (1C), tho. (you're welcome for the conversions to that weird system). Normally, these GS riders would be found at Starbucks, but the closest one was drive-thru only. So, Panera Bread it was: This bastard didnt tell us he was bringing heated gear and Hippo Hands!. Then, again, he does wash his GS after use. The real riders only layered up against the temps. (still under 40F at this time) The original plans were to spend the first night a friends second home in Duck Creek, UT, but the snow changed that plan. So we rode out to Page, AZ instead, at the bottom of Lake Powell. The lake was formed by damming the Colorado River. Being that the southwest portion of the country is mostly arid, most of the lakes are manmade. Powell is a large one!
  3. We are leaving in the a.m. for Moab. Might not be the best idea
  4. Easy now. The feminine's here ride more than most of the guys
  5. club breakfast yesterday (picture a bunch of old farts, speaking loud enough to clear a restaurant while reliving their greatness). 24 showed for breakfast, which quickly dwindled to 8 when we mentioned doing some dirt riding after before the asphalt comments start, this was taken after we had come down out of the mountains. Not many other pictures cause i was too busy trying to keep up. I'm getting too old for this shit!
  6. Nice pics all! shouldnt the "losers" get participation trophies, at least? or, is that an amurican thing?
  7. Oh, he is a big Brazilian guy. Probably 6'-2" or so. Large, santa belly. I can say that cause he kicked my ass on the track. (and, yes. Bobby Fong is a small feller)
  8. Retirement party for a long-time friend at work (30 yrs!) and then remembered i had a track day for Monday Stunk up the first session, second time at track and wasnt remembering any corners. This track is near Bakersfield and is flat! Hard to pick up details at first. My buddy works for a Suzuki dealer (hence the truck) and was gifted with a day of coaching from Bobby Fong, who races MotoAmerica. He was a little tired when the day was over
  9. seems to me the bike would be useful for expediting deliveries, or pick-ups
  10. Retirement party tomorrow, if we can find a venue (Company owner was going to use the rec center at his new digs, but that just fell thru!). Then, either play in the dirt again on Sunday, or spend some time readying the RR for track day on Monday!
  11. I did a one year stint at the Anchorage, Alaska Water Utility. Great group of people to work for (in the design section). Obviously focused on solving problems and helping people. Management, on the other hand? Their biggest contribution each year was figuring out where to throw the excess cash before June 1st, or their budget would shrink the next year.
  12. I pretend to be a Civil Engineer. Our company's specialty is private development, mostly. Subdivisions, commercial and industrial buildings. churches, schools, hospitals, ranches. we just try to stay away from public sector work as it is a drag on your spirit. The waste in public agencies would/should drive a normal person crazy!!
  13. i used to walk to school. two miles, uphill both ways, 4' of snow and -20 degrees. Now, i cant fight my way past the SUVs dropping off the minions. Probably the only time around here where a vehicle has more than one person in it.
  14. welllll, maybe. It is also the one bike that needed a full rebuild at 40k miles, to the tune of 80% of the bike value. Had i not got it mostly free from my brother, i would probably have thrown it in the ocean. It sure feels good off road, tho!. Not much for long distance riding. I took my 06 to Alaska in 2009, for about 5000 miles, and my butt hurt for months afterwards.
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