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  1. Last day of work - 29.6 years at an awesome civil engineering firm. Grew it from 3 people to over 40, with a midlife max of 70. Off to Baja tomorrow - margaritas for everyone!!!!!!!
  2. possibly, but none of my BMWs have been in for electronics. Three of my friend's KTMs have. This isnt bashing of KTM, as they had it right with their bikes before the e-wars.
  3. i could never figure out why they want to chase BMW with all that computer stuff. BMW at least has a multi-billion dollar car company behind its electrics. KTM just has/had solid dirt bikes.
  4. hopefully, KTM can find someone to help them with their electronics. excellent dirt bikes, but they are trying to keep up with BMW on the keyless and screens and other crap that doesnt belong on a bike. Two friends have been fighting with theirs for some time now. One ended up selling their 790 due to gremlins. The other has his bike in every couple of months because of computers
  5. ooooh, my pants are fitting a little snugger. has that Honda been on here before?
  6. The main complaint heard prior to the Pan Ams release was the headlight nacelle. It works in person, but pictures dont like it. And, it is a corporate look as all their rolling barcaloungers have the same massive light complex. I forgot to mention that the HD motor should be rated A+!! it was a beast on the road, once they finally allowed us to turn off rain mode.
  7. have ridden the Pan American twice now. once offroad (sort of). I would say that HD has a great bike there. Not at the level of the GS, but they dont have 40 years of experience with that type of bike. My own dislikes (too strong a word) is that the screen font is too small and there are too many buttons on the grips. ie - too much electronic gizmos. Fortunately, they have a macro-style button that lets you cycle the screen thru the normal - fuel, mileage, range, etc. The self lowering suspension is nice, but not needed for non-short types. I would give HD an A- on this bike. Still trying to decide when/if i get one. Funny thing is that the orange color was my least favorite until i saw it in person.
  8. the hardest thing about being a BMW owner is tolerating the lack of performance and driving skills of the lower classes.....
  9. we are saying the same thing here in Kalifornia! he bought a place in Vermont and is looking to making it a motorcycle destination - yurts, camping, rides, etc.
  10. Any ride home must include Pacific Coast Highway Eye candy at the Rock Store
  11. The culprit, as well as the plastic surgeon: He used to manage one of Max's BMW stores in Connecticut. Tire test on South Divide Trail Hard core bikers, roughing it before the movie
  12. Yeah, it really is. This guy is an incredible painter!
  13. it has 130,000 miles on it, runs well and now has rebuilt suspension, redone wiring, and some other cosmetic work done. It ran well before he shipped it east to go thru it. He just thought there could be issues from the mileage and abuse. This bike was upside down in Baja in 2016, again at a rally in Calif. It gets used. Pete, the painter, said it warmed his heart that the bike has actually been used.
  14. In the US, there is a group, Backcountry Discovery Routes, that has been creating offroad routes on a state by state basis. The latest is the Wyoming BDR, which had a movie premiere on Saturday evening. These BDR routes are similar to the TET, for you yurupeens. This weekend was also the day my 08 GSA was returned to me after 1 year of rehab. My buddy had ridden it last march in baja (see ride reports) and beat it up a little, so he took it home for fixins. A small group of us headed to Temecula for the showing and some offroad fun. My baby is back! Flames was painted for a TV show that Jesse James did in 2009, riding the bike on the Ice Road in Canada. The painter who did the custom work is Pete Finlan, of Hotdog Kustoms. Since his place is in TEmecula, we figured he might want to see how she looks today Pete standing next to his work Pete is well known in the custom paint world, especially in SoCal All hand painted. His style of flames is unique. Here is one he has done recently.
  15. Sure hope they do. Looks like a decent squid bike competitor
  16. Red Planet by Robert A. Heinlein 9780345260697 | eBay https://www.ebay.com/itm/194757097588?chn=ps&norover=1&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-117182-37290-0&mkcid=2&itemid=194757097588&targetid=1262749490782&device=c&mktype=&googleloc=1014369&poi=&campaignid=15428034462&mkgroupid=133947154481&rlsatarget=pla-1262749490782&abcId=9300763&merchantid=107435593&gclid=Cj0KCQiA0eOPBhCGARIsAFIwTs4BhHEHVkV6vpaRe2hFAXdlDpeOMz2YMjaXfjdFnE2PiNIPk4CL3Y8aAqBxEALw_wcB
  17. Maybe that's Bucky, then?
  18. not sure they want pics of bikes that get ridden
  19. that asphalt hides the oil leaks pretty well, dont it?
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