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  1. It's a hilltop cafe, his breathing isn't that good with his pig snout so he would probably collapse.
  2. They weren’t bad surprisingly, about £20 more than the boots I was about to buy elsewhere but these have Vibram soles which is a big plus for me as it means I can get them re-soled at my local cobbler down the line.
  3. I didn’t use the Moco vignette so no extra charge.
  4. Not unless you live locally to me, riding bikes is actually about riding them for me, not stopping every five hundred feet to arse around with one of those magic picture box things.
  5. Damn Harley dealer tricked me into buying new boots.
  6. I’m pretty sure Six is Latino.
  7. Weekend in the garage going over the bike, it goes in for MOT on Monday.
  8. Of course I am the only one here that has posted any decent action shots, admittedly taken by professionals. Does anyone have any idea how much it costs to get a hooker to take pictures of you on your motorcycle? It's not cheap. Get a professional they said, how the hell was I supposed to know they meant photographer?
  9. They has just uncrated it so the fairing wasn’t complete, it looked good though, the motor looks weird, sits quite low but I understand the suspension raises as you set off. Edinburgh Harley are getting theirs shortly so will lend me it for an afternoon.
  10. They have one at West Coast Harley in Scotland. Did they not have any bigger shirts, I’m a bus driver you know.
  11. The woke generation don't understand iro.... oh for fucks sake.
  12. The woke generation don't understand irony.
  13. They would pay extra to be insulted by me.
  14. I'll take the money, assuage your guilt folks and send me the filthy lucre.
  15. Chinese shite, 10hp would shatter it.
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