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  1. It must do as nobody has all of a sudden started talking Indian and working in call centers as far as I'm aware
  2. I bet you talk in numbers aswell because that's all it looked like to me
  3. Well thats not bad mate, I'd hazard a guess at around 45-50mpg roughly from my 636
  4. I got a Chinese type fairing for my old ninja and they fitted fairly well with exception to the bit where it clip together under the engine, and they were lighter
  5. They dont hate eachother as such just with the wife being home all the time she just doesn't so as she's asked with the wife yet I can get her to play the game with apparent ease
  6. You know the ones that always storm around chewing a wasp and who want everything done 3 weeks ago
  7. You like one of them angry bosses eh
  8. I've never been so deeply offended
  9. They both cost the same i guess.....sorta
  10. Hmm it sounds like this apple didn't fall too far from the tree no
  11. Hmm judging by the name given id say Mansfield
  12. Hmm sounds like the easy route out to me, why could he not be real with her and tell him face to face?
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