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  1. I'll win next month's with the rsv at Donnington
  2. DTT = dago terrorising twat....how apt that be your plate
  3. You forgot dago midget sex club membership card
  4. Captain bladder weakness
  5. Now you've gone and hurt six's feelings, he was puckering up and everything
  6. Fair one mate, have you considered getting one of them camel packs for water that way you can drink on the move?
  7. And no im not Trolling for a change, that's a genuine question
  8. Why so many pockets pete?
  9. Erm France pete....thats where he's headed
  10. Just wait till the fat polish cunt joins here and starts the trolling legend has it that they do it bigger and better
  11. But your deck of cards contains all the bloody 2s there's no aces in your hand
  12. He doesn't have the minerals ..... too scared of the MDB
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