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  1. At a push I'd say bob I would say he's still on baby food
  2. Nah you can't beat squid especially if its the tentacles and they are nice and chewy
  3. Tropical weather then eh pete
  4. Send some of that squid linguine my way i love eating squid
  5. Aren't cunts normally warm and wet
  6. Or that just means you can't ride in slightly moist conditions
  7. Sounds like you have first hand experience
  8. I think you need to get a cruiser pete all this offroad riding at your age will be the death of you
  9. I like how you've put yet something in the pipelines then is there
  10. I remember the days well with my little one long gone are the days she'd fall asleep on us, now she's too in to everything to even consider laying with either of us for cuddles.
  11. Yes another glorious week for work eh
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