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  1. Pete needs a nice Boat he does....
  2. Pic 023 is heading east on Hwy 351 to Imnaha... Pic 022 is heading north on Hwy 395 to Ukiah....
  3. This place is my Sanctuary..... can't wait till the water level recovers....
  4. My dog's playground right behind our campsite... which leads up to Chief Joseph trail & on up into the Wallowas....
  5. Red underbrush coming in @ 6k+ ft. elevation from the Wallowa lake tram....
  6. Really stepping outta your comfort zone now Pete.....
  7. Found a FREE campsite on the Minam river.....only 15 miles from home!!
  8. Wallowa lake tramway....which let's you off @ 8,100+ ft. to hiking trails & a restaurant. The steepest tramway in N. America...
  9. YamaHead

    Old sayings.

    "So broke ya can't afford to Pay Attention"....?
  10. Us bleedin' yanks need a passport just to enter Canada..... I can remember when that wasn't true....?
  11. Got a handful of favorites..... KR, Rainey, Lawson, Mamola, Martin, Dunlop(s).... But w/o a doubt, this guy is my hero..... Doug Henry was the 1st rider to ever win a Supercross event on a 4-stroke...which eventually led to the type of racing machines we see today in the MX & SX realms. He broke his back in an outdoor event which landed him in a chair. It didn't stop him.... he built the cage-bike & even did backflips with it while riding with Pastrana a time or 2. He also races in Snowcross events on a YamaSled in the off season. Nowadays, he's all about Adaptive Riders with that never-ending smile on his face....??
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