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  1. Never understood the appeal of those three wheel things, all the disadvantages of both cars and bikes and none of the advantages of either.
  2. Nute


    I was in Iceland a few weeks ago, spent a few days touring round looking at things including glaciers. There are a few big permanent ice cap type things with various glaciers passing down through surrounding mountains from them. I cannot recall the exact distances but guides told us that those that we saw were now several kilometres shorter than they were a few years back. It's not proof of climate change but it would seem to indicate that something is happening. Im not interested in getting into an argument about the pro's/cons of it, just my 2 cents.
  3. I have a Cardo, works very well for sat nav, music etc. Not really tried it on bike to bike. It mounts to the outside of the helmet and is easy to detach to charge. Buttons are fiddly with gloves to the point where if I press the wrong thing and stuff it up I have to stop to get sat nav working again. Does have voice control but I’m to inept to use that.
  4. It appears we can’t anyway, even tho you haven’t…
  5. Nute

    Phone mount

    Ok thanks, prob best to err on the side of caution given the cost of a new phone…
  6. Nute

    Phone mount

    Is it just iPhones which are destroyed by vibration or is it advisable to have some sort of isolation for all phones?
  7. Nute


    Thanks for the welcome. One wheel is an EUC - This is a random clip I found on YouTube, not video of me. I just bumble around my village as it’s a practical way of getting to the shops. Used to use it for travelling around London but as they have become more popular and some people ride like idiots plod are more proactive in stopping people and I can’t risk 6 points. They do go pretty quick but I think you’d have to be clinically insane to do 60 on one. I got into bikes when my wife said she was going to do the CBT and I went along to keep her company. She didn’t take to it but I did. I’ve had a few mental/odd cars ( still do) and this is just the logical progression. Plus my brother and a few friends have bikes, and they are great fun.
  8. Nute


    Hi all, I’m relatively new to two wheels. Long time on 4 and even a few years on one, no one told me two was such fun…
  9. Nute

    Me again.

    Lol, all the flat earthers trawl the internet for reasons why photos and other things showing that the earth is round are faked, but they never offer evidence to support their own theory. If it’s flat show me the edge. Should be easy enough so photos of the edge please…
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