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  1. Charlie is asking can you get rid of this twat.
  2. I like to go as fast as possible into corners, unfortunately the road makers don’t put tarmac down in the field where I end up.
  3. No it’s because no one will ride with you, they have all been warned off.
  4. I don’t see the point in more than the one bike,if you have more the daughter just borrows them.
  5. The cunt that set this place up needs a bullet in his/he epicentre.
  6. I’m already there you stupid shit, this is it here.
  7. Is it free @Six30 I can flounce.
  8. Swagman

    Summers over.

    I have one of those @Buckster good pieces of kit they are .
  9. I hope you don’t blame the peas.
  10. Plus a ginger Welsh gay Spaniard rides it.
  11. Well that’s the pot calling the kettle, what you say @Six30
  12. Would that the admin that the 6 admin staff do at our 3 doctor surgery o and the doctors don’t al work the same days either.
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