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birthday bimble


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there were all sorts of ideas being bandied about regarding inviting people round for a drink etc but by the time i'd fended of a dozen phone calls wishing me happy birthday and having "done the decent thing" and waited till we'd actually finished desert with the children, I  quite shamelessly ran away.


I rode south into the morvan, knowing that a storm front was coming from that direction, due to arrive with us around 10 tonight. I rekoned i could ride soutwards till I see it and then turn and run for home. I didn't meet the weather change till I got as far as Chateau chinon  which was about as far as i'd planned to go anyway, The horzon looked quite black and the temperature rose with the humidity in the air. I dared to pick a quick sprint westwards across the front of the oncoming weather system  and the turned northwards once I realised it was moving much slower than I had anticipated, and took the twisty minor roads homewards. didn't stop for many pics cos I didn't have a camera with me, only the phone and I wasn't in the mood anyway. I got a couple when I stopped for a swig of water and onother when I stopped to plug the phone charger in. 

235km 3,5h. goy home well befre the weather, but it's getting muggy now and I can hear thunder in the distanceso I'll have to go put the cover on the bike before finishing this. 







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