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all fogged up

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The forcast was for cold but clear this afternoon so I planned to ride. around 11 it still wasn't clear but I went out anyway. it was about 6deg c and misty but with all liners in place in jacket and trousers, 2 pairs of socks and heated grips I reckoned It wouldn't be a problem. 

220km, riding clockwise.


By the time I got to Joux la ville, the sun had burnt through, but that didn't last long. I stopped for fuel in Avallon (1,76€/L !) and then lost all visibilité as I gained what little altitude the Morvan has. 

Stunning views


If you look carefully at the triangular warning sign it says "Chasse en cours" which is what the hunters are obliged to put up roadside if they're beating anywhere near a road. What it really means is that for the next few kilometers, on top of the fog, gravel patches, cold and other road users, you also need to look out for panicking wildlife fleeing the hunt, the hunters dogs chasing the fleeing wildlife and a more or less numerous party of pissed up trigger happy hunters in 4 wheel drives, with loaded guns... if you get run over, or stampeded upon or shot, on the public highway, ... well the signs were up so it's your own fault!   


 the hunters crack me up, they all spend vast amounts of money on specialist camouflage clothing so they can't be seen. Then they all have to wear orange hi vis vests in the field cos otherwise they shoot each other...:rofl:... and their dogs,

This is the northern end of the "Lac de panneciére" one of the canal feeder reservoirs, emptied for the winter this year




Tiger in the mist



On the way home I rode through Mhére, which is where they filmed "Les Vétos" ( which probably never made it out of Burgundy, let alone out of france).


The fog / mist was thicker in places and around 4 pm the temperatur went into freefall and by the time I got home around 5 it was down to about 2C and starting to get dark, but the fog had cleared. 

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Nice one Chris, I just had a look at that reservoir on google earth.  Tis a big bugger when it's full, what the hell happens to the fish when they drain it :classic_wacko:

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30 minutes ago, boboneleg said:

Nice one Chris, I just had a look at that reservoir on google earth.  Tis a big bugger when it's full, what the hell happens to the fish when they drain it :classic_wacko:

Down at the southern end nearerethe dam it's much deeper, I could see about 20 or 25 meters of dqm wall clear of the water as I rode past but theres's still enough water in the deeps for there to be half a dozen fishermen out in boats.


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3 hours ago, Grasshopper's Ride said:

I love ridding in the fog, always a bit scary due to low visibility, but that's part of the fun. :littleguy:


ooh not me, always been the same. At sea too when I was younger. I don't mind riding, driving or sailing in wind or snow or whatever but I hate fog.

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