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PEI Atlanticade

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Well it was the annual bike event on Prince Edward Island... Did take any shot of the the event itself.. Same old stuff with harley bike rally.. Show and shine.. All of them look the same dressed the same.. Trying to pretend there all 1%...makes me laugh.. 





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Did make reservations for the island I'm sure everything was booked solid so plan was to crash near Moncton for the night... Busy spot but I did manage to find a place.. Holiday Inn Express.. 



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On my way home this morning I stayed off the highways... Passed through Irish town... And fallowed the coast line till miramichi... Stop where kc Irving was born... Lot of the locals in different part of the province hates the Irving family... I have nothing bad to say about them... To me they created thousand of jobs and invested a lot in new brunswick... Not bad for a man who started delivering oil product with horse and bugging... 





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10 minutes ago, Pedro said:

Is that wood pillars holding on the road protection rails?

Cool bridge!

Yes pretty well the norm around here.. 

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