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  1. My mistake though for sure it was covid you had when the Hernia popped up....didn't you get yearly flue shots has well ?
  2. I don't think I would have died if I didn't go for the two jabs...clearly the vaccine weren't affective....100% of vaccinate still caught it...sure if you were in the group has high risk for complications...maybe it helped...Otto might know more to the subject and could shed some light..
  3. Well I went in for two jabs , when it got to the point you couldn't even enter a public place without your vaccine card....I think they went overboard by scaring people and it worked...I see people still wearing mask to this day..I finally caugh the covid flew this early Jan...it was nothing more than a cold for myself...I'm no scientist but I think it will be constantly mutating and will part of life now...so getting vacs is just a waste of time...just look at Pete...been to every shots available and still caugh it and nearly died...so ...
  4. Maybe he worked his brain so hard ...he got a anusrisium ?
  5. For the viewer...just be warned I'm working on a killer thread..one that will eclipse the hairy butt crack thread by a mile ,where Buckster got his arse handed to him....I'm pretty sure he will flounce after this one...I'm almost positive.
  6. It's my fans...they follow me everywheres...lol
  7. Yes true ...but don't think I posted anything other than in the intro...
  8. I'm certainly not here cause of bender ....don't even know the cunt....
  9. Hey look I know I've gotten under the skin of a few...I was going stir crazy by the end...everything is back to normal now ...since I've taken a little ride...can't wait to do a multi day run now....
  10. Well it's mostly a shake down run ,manage 260 km...I tried to go inland thinking it would get warmer..but the temp kept dropping so I turned around...sweet spot was about 15 km inland ...when I left the temp was 13 c ...kept climing till it reached my destination to 20c..I was sweating by then...bike ran great..the puig windscreen is a big improvement..running at 130 kmh visor up and hardly any buffering....here's a few pic....one for Six30 to do magic on and tracks of a monster moose..just for reference..I wear and 11 size boot..
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