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  1. Greetings @zzzak from the Grasshopper!
  2. It's a holiday Monday here so I finally got around to the 4Runner. Third row seats are out, fairly easy to do. Now for the seatbelts. I love disassembling stuff!
  3. I had this problem with sports cars. I had 5 at one time..... One new, one classic, one convertible, one rally car and one that didn't run. It was a hard habit to break for sure.....I can imagine the same with bikes.
  4. After actually.... I have the 3rd gen. So first was in India and second in Australia, and then to North America. A lot of owners of this generation have had a lot of the same problems as I have. But Bagheera has been a bit more cursed with gremlins then any other Himi I know......
  5. For the first time I own two bikes. Now that I have had them for awhile I can not imagine giving one up. Both bikes are so different and provide such a different experience that I would be sad without both. I love both dirt and tarmac!!! ......I guess really I could blame Bagheera, my Himalayan, if he didn't break down so often I might never have bought the Honda.....so it's all his fault I have two bikes.
  6. The first one is the same one I use. Cool to know they are global. It is SOOOO fun, I spend a lot of time seeking out new stuff to identify. I also have one for clouds, but it isn't as fun as iNaturalist. They also have the web site that you can look at your account on for more details. HAVE FUN!!
  7. I have become lazy of late and have been leaving my DLSR (camera) at home and just taking my iPhone with me on hikes. Then this past year we have had a bunch of owls move into the hood. Great Horned Owls at that. I have tried to get a good shot with my phone, but it just isn't cutting it. The shots are blurry and just not what I was wanting. I needed to get the big camera out!!!!! But I also thought, a new lens has been in order, now might be the best time. So off I went on my Honda to seek out some fine Nikon glass! It was a cloudy day, so a bit cooler and with some lovely clouds over the water. I was in luck, the only local store that sells such things had just what I was looking for. Now to get out there and find my owl. I have become rather good at finding them in the forest, you have to be very quiet and know where to look, they like to sit in the middle branches and watch you walking by. I was very excited when I found one. They are getting comfortable with me so this one sat still nicely for my photo. I got a much better photo with my new lens, making for a very happy Grasshopper. It could be better, but the fun is in working on getting that perfect shot!
  8. It is going to turn into a lovely Rusty Tussock Moth . Photo below....(not mine) I use a Canadian App called iNaturalist. It is an amazing app that helps you identify plants, birds, bugs, etc... The info also goes into a data base that is helping Canadian scientists know what is where and when. It is all really cool, if you are into that sort of thing.
  9. Well now, there's an outfit..... Found this guy in my garden today!
  10. Have a good week everyone! Don't work too hard like these two, who appear to have fallen asleep on the job. Bees Bums, a good way to start the week I say!
  11. I think it works great just the way it is!
  12. "bitch" as in whining about an explainable loss, very true You'll get over it big guy!
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