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  1. One of your best found locations yet, so cool. I would love to discover places like that.
  2. Power has been out for awhile now due to a cyclone. The worst is yet to come they say…. Thank goodness for the wood stove as it’s cooking dinner tonight and keeping it cozy. Hope I’m here in the morning and not in oz…
  3. Sorry I deleted the pic, here it is...
  4. I was really happy with last year's bunch.
  5. I had plans to go out, but now we are expecting another storm.....with winds gusting up to 90km/hr later this morning... I'll just get ready and sit on my bike in the driveway, with the wind it will feel like I am really moving......lol
  6. It's that time of year again.....for PUMPKINS Need to come up with this years craving plans
  7. Some lovely photos Pedro. Beautiful weather and landscape as always, thanks for sharing.
  8. Had a great ride today on the Honda. When I left home it was dark and cloudy so the autumn colours looked even more brilliant. Then it started to rain and back to sun by the time I got home. Such a nice time of year to ride. Have a good weekend everyone!
  9. Beautiful shots, I love the light. Looks some really nice riding!
  10. I agree, it is fun to have a bike that can adapt to what you are doing. The Himalayan is the same, not great at anything, but damn, the thing will do anything you ask.....well almost....lol
  11. I knew someone would suggest such a thing, so thanks for not letting me down on that one.
  12. Let me know and feel free to share your reasons, I would love to hear them. For me it is one easy yes and one not so easy yes. My Honda CB500F is exactly what you expect, a happy Honda that just does what it is meant to do, and it is super fun, so a big Yes for me on that one, I would buy one again. As for my Royal Enfield Himalayan, well, there have been times when I have wanted to leave it in the forest and just walk away. Logic would tell me to say No on this one, considering the build quality and all the work I have done to make a NEW bike run well. BUT, looking back at the skills, lessons, adventures and confidence gained with that bike, I would have to say Yes, I would buy one again, especially for the kind of riding I enjoy doing.
  13. Two fungi just hanging out! . That's what you do when you are a fungi....
  14. My mini Japanese Maple tree is the cutest little tree ever. I love the colour it goes in the fall.
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