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  1. The new post in my travelling blog is all about my visit to Marble Canyon Provincial Park. https://www.grasshopperspath.ca/post/marble-canyon-provincial-park
  2. So I added your pic, but I am not sure if you will see it. Don't worry, I know you are there.....
  3. Thank you for your call sir, we have looked into your inquiry and found a solution. Please reply to this comment with your desired profile image and I will have our team add it to your profile. Again, thank you for flying with the Grasshopper and enjoy your ride! ...ok, maybe too much fresh air for me lately.... @Slowlycatchymonkey
  4. Hey thanks, it is nice to have someone worry about me being eaten by bears. . Went for backroad drive the other day and we saw 5 black bears and 1 young grizzly bear, really fun when you are in a vehicle. Funny enough I just went around my first roundabout the other week, didn't know we had them....but we do!
  5. It is a small off-road trailer we can sleep in and it has a pull out kitchen in the back with an awning over top for protection. We can carry more water, fuel and tools as well. It has great storage so we can free up some space in our vehicle. Very excited, but a bit nervous....
  6. Happy Birthday! Hope the day brings you smiles and the year ahead brings you lots of fun adventures!
  7. hmmmmm, this is new to me too, I think, ummmmm, you need to.....ya, no idea.....let me see if I can figure it out.....lol Regardless, THANKS for joining up!
  8. Thanks! I appreciate your feedback, you have a way of making me smile!
  9. At first not so good, the trailer we would really like is a wait of 6 to 8 months to have it built. They have become really popular here and there are only poorly made ones available. Plus it is the start of the camping season here... Then we went to this big RV place that had lots of the big trailers, just too much for us. Then the sales dude said they had a small used trailer in the back corner behind some stuff. It was just sitting back there all lonely. Funny enough it was just what we were looking for small, affordable, rugged and I like that it is used, as it is the first time we are driving with a trailer so I am sure it will get a few scratches...... I am a bit nervous about driving with it....I will just need to not be a spaz....and go slow! We pick it up on Tuesday. It wouldn't have happened but we had to stay somewhere for a week to handle some stuff and so we were able to make the purchase. It's funny, the place we are staying is called Horsefly and the trailer in called a TigerMoth, what the hell with the bugs....lol
  10. I'm on a roll, two posts in two days. Wow, what you can do with an internet connection for more than 20 minutes..... https://www.grasshopperspath.ca/post/finally-heading-north
  11. I finally found some time to post to my travel blog. It is mostly so I can remember my journey as the old brain can not be trusted anymore...lol Anyways if you are wanting a short story and some pics, stop by for a read. https://www.grasshopperspath.ca/post/alleys-rivers-wooden-monsters
  12. I agree, DIY is cool. I converted a cargo van into a really nice camper a few years ago. Unfortunately I was not able to use it as I had wanted too and had to sell it. Good luck with your project.
  13. We had to make a change in plans as the weather here is very cold for Spring. Where we were headed had fresh snow the other day so we decided to hang out at a lovely B&B in the countryside for a few days. Then we are either headed to Prince George, British Columbia....or into the next Province (Alberta) to look at a travel trailer.......that's what happens when you get an internet connection after a week, you start shopping.....lol We are looking at maybe something like this...
  14. Into the third week of my adventure and I'm looking back at last week. I have to say the highlight of the week was our hike through a park to a waterfall. I have seen some waterfalls in my day, but this one was amazing as the surrounding area was just as stunning. Helmcken Falls is a 141 m (463 ft) waterfall on the Murtle River within Wells Gray Provincial Park in British Columbia, Canada. The protection of Helmcken Falls was one of the reasons for the creation of Wells Gray Provincial Park in 1939. Helmcken Falls is the fourth highest waterfall in Canada, measured by total straight drop without a break. What a sight....
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