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  1. I have been riding across south east Asia in a cheap Ixon mesh jacket for the last five years. I have crashed multiple times (bitumen and dirt) and it's saved me every time. Absolutely can't fault it, the best value for money of any gear I purchased for the trip. Leaves Klim for dead. I use it with my Dainese back protector (fits in the back armour pocket just fine; jacket was sold without back armour).
  2. Have they fixed the pogo stick rear shock? As of 2019 it would try to throw you into the bushes everytime you hit a bump.
  3. @Slowlycatchymonkey thanks for the epic ride report, so glad you guys made it safely through the extremes of weather! Loved the sound of the dodgy hotel, it sounds convenient, awful and hilarious. Once upon a time, after I'd been turned back from the Thai border three times in one night, I ended up sleeping in a shady Malaysian love hotel, the amenities were somewhat less but I would have hated to see luminol on that place. The things we do on moto trips... haha. Rest up and enjoy the festival!
  4. In a previous life I used to smoke cigars. I even had my name engraved on my cutter. So bougie. Far from the motorcycling vagrant I've become
  5. @Slowlycatchymonkey good to see you back!
  6. Thank you, I may need it. I wonder at what point it reaches the age where Keep Throwing Money becomes both true and unsustainable. In other news I heard rumours of a 400cc rally style adv bike coming from Gas Gas in 2024. All I need to do is win the lottery and I'll be sweet.
  7. You're welcome to see it but there's nothing to see. There was a small haematoma on the inside of the knee which is gone now, but the damage is internal. It's still not right but it's getting there...
  8. Sprained knee, scuttled beside a river in Cambodia. But more importantly, where is @Slowlycatchymonkey? We miss you.
  9. I fell down the stairs two days later... Sprained knee, scuttled for three weeks!!
  10. So instead of being miserable about my clutch I decided to do something completely deranged instead (as one does). The Hanuman Enduro Competition was so far out of my comfort zone, I really thought I must have lost my mind when I signed up for it. But it also turned out to be one of the destroying and affirming experiences I've put myself through in years (and I have a bit of a record of putting myself in out-there situations). It was just... wow. I wrote up the full story on my blog bikehedonia.com
  11. Yeah, it's a high performance engine under a lot of stress and everything's made out of aluminium and plastic... not really a recipe for longevity. But we get along thus far. I've never rebuilt the engine yet, it's nearly 100,000km, so I can't complain too much.
  12. Sadly i must disabuse you of this apparently success story... this is set number 4 lol. I've never had an engine seize because I watch those rocker arm bearings like a hawk (still, touch wood), but they wear out faster the older the engine gets. The first set lasted 45,000km, the most recent set only has about 15,000 km on them.
  13. Happy to report that you are all wrong, my water shaft impeller seal is fine! That's the good news. It was just a little hole in the radiator and they welded it up. The bad news is that my clutch is borked. Slave cylinder seal failed (again) and the master cylinder has been leaking for months. Ugh. My bike is a 2012 so still running the Magura system which is plagued with problems. Clutchless shifted 150km to get out of Phnom Penh yesterday. That city is a headache, hard to find somewhere safe to park your bike and everyone always trying to snatch your phone. I am in Kampot. I have a race to ride, then options to reassess. Some days... weeks... months are smoother sailing than others. I also need a new set of rocker arms, I can hear the bearings are on their way out. Poor old girl is pushing 100,000km, a fair bit for the big single, bits are starting to wear out.
  14. Well, I'm traveling solo again, no friends and no enduro bikes. Old mate couldn't get his passport back from the UK embassy in time to drive down so I ended up flying back into Cambo on my own. Yep, I'm back in Phnom Penh, this is KTM Rescue Mission Mk II. (The first rescue mission went nowhere because I was still waiting for the Laotian border to reopen by the time I had to skip back to run a tour in Thailand). So, here we are again. This time I expected smooth sailing - the bike had only beeing sitting for four weeks, not two years - but I get out of the shop and the temp light comes on, there's no water in the radiator. I pour water in, it comes out again. So off I limp towards my favourite mechanical magician, leaving a trail of droplets on the hot Cambodian road... But it's all good, because we make it to the workshop without any further red lights. I settle in to wait for the head mechanic to reappear, and hopefully solve all my problems... Well, some of them. Can I just say, the Thai baht to USD exchange rate is murder.
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