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  1. Anyway, I made it back from Cambo safe and sound... just two days before Laos reopened its land border, which is what I'd been waiting for the whole time! Nevermind. I'm now planning the next foray back into Cambodia from Thailand and this time, I'm going to have a crew. My Thai friends were all jealous when they heard about all the fun I'd had without them, so now I've convinced one friend to drive with me - with our enduro bikes on his truck - all the way down to Kampot where there's a big enduro race on 10, 11, 12 June. It should be fun!!
  2. I knooooooow, me too! I was thinking about Indiana Jones the whole time and trying so hard not to reference tomb raiding, which is obviously bad and not what I want to reference! But if only I could get it out of my head!
  3. But I digress. In Cambodia there were magnificent abandoned ruins, with no-one around. I didn't go to Angkor Wat, I just rode alone along the King's Road... temple ruins to temple ruins. Highly recommend. This is my favourite video from my whole month in Cambodia. I just wanted to show you this place. It was incredible. I did, however, receive a complaint that the dirt roads featured were too good, and thus the videos were boring. Next time I'll make sure I only film the quicksand sections Quicksand temple quicksand temple! Grace
  4. We got the EC300 back after its rebuild, I'm beyond stoked. Unfortunately it's raining for the next ten days/eternity so I am doing admin for the upcoming tour season. But how gorgeous is this beastie?
  5. They were indeed. Really nice, good humoured people, it was a real pleasure to meet them! Normally I ride alone because most people are not such good company when dealing with the travails of life on the road, but these guys were ace. I'm hoping they'll come up to Thailand for a ride soon, although fortunately/unfortunately they are gainfully employed which means they might have to wait a while for their next set of holidays to roll around...
  6. I've been neglecting the chronicles. Here is some viewing to accompany your daily ablutions. I made some new friends and fell over in a rice paddy.
  7. I would have imagined that, having the NHS (which is awesome) makes public health everyone's (and every govt's business, even the conservative ones) because goodness knows nothing is as cost effective as prevention. But... ah yes... sorry I was living in a fantasy world for a moment there. Prevention is much longer than the election cycle, and as you say, people don't like being told what to do... Speaking of dental decay in toddlers... it kills me that in Vietnam and Cambodia it is almost impossible to buyany UHT milk which has not been sweetened and (this is the worst part, for me) that includes the milks which are specifically marketed to toddlers as being vitamin enriched especially for toddler nutrition. People simply don't have the education to disbelieve marketing like that, and I think to myself: those companies could be making almost as much money selling that milk without the added sugar. Almost, of course, but not quite. Like the Nestle baby formula scandals, it's just so sad that capitalism trashes the health of whole populations for such negligible marginal gains. But, I guess I'm off on a tangent here... I think we're on the same page anyway.
  8. WOW... I am very familiar with rickets from my Dickensian through to between-the-wars readings but I had NO idea that people in the UK are suffering from it again. That is WILD. And that nutrition wasn't in the curriculum until 2014... crazy. Really interesting, thank you so much
  9. haha thanks for the heads up... maybe less caffeine, more sleep and less of the dried fruit of which I just ate my bodyweight? Or maybe more. I dunno. Here's 2.13 in case anyone's killing time right now. P.S. I feel like that is a length of time which varies from person to person and according to the quality of the region's drinking water...
  10. Thank you, so glad you enjoyed the video catch up... Am experimenting with making more frequent vids, will see if people get excited about the trip or get bored ("yeah yeah we get it, you rode somewhere again" lol). Yeah, it is super interesting how the whole 690 basically bolts together with two (rather small bolts) and two (rather large spacers). The thinking behind bolting everything straight into the fuel tank is because it obviates the need for any actual subframe at all, thus saving weight. I appreciate this (when it works haha). Can eat kittens but prefers coconuts... thank goodness for small mercies...
  11. I do get tired, absolutely! After three or four days riding like this, I usually just want to curl up for a day and rest. You can't just keep going day after day... body and mind needs quiet recovery time from the physical exertion and mental stimulation. If you try to push on and on, things go pear shaped sooner or later...
  12. The tank bolts and spacers have already been upgraded on my bike 90,000km ago. I don't know what brand they are though, maybe Perun
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