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A Ship And A Fort


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The forecast for today seemed to be a bit sketchy, so I decided not to go too far. It was not bad when I left home anyway. I thought that I'd go down to Le Port Leucate to have a look at Le Lydia, which is a ship built in Denmark in 1931. It was decommissioned in 1966 and was bought by a company which was developing a new resort on the Med, to the South-East of Perpignan.

Anyway,  the ride down there isn't the most exciting. Taking the Narbonne northern ring road and then picking up the Perpignan road to the west of Narbonne centre.  It's a fairly busy road, that criss-crosses the motorway that runs down past Perpignan and on to Spain. I left the main road near Leucate and followed the coast road through to where the ship is situated. It's certainly not a place that I'd be visiting in the summer months, as it's full of holiday parks and hotels!

I then decided to head back up inland a bit to visit the Fort at Salses. This was built around 1495 to protect the border of France from Spain. Unfortunately it wasn't open, as there's some work going on there, but it should be open for the summer. After a little look around the outside I decided that it was probably time to head back. So I picked up the Perpignan to Narbonne Road and headed back the same way as I'd gone down there.

There wasn't too much to photograph on the ride down and back, so I only got a few pictures from Le Lydia and the Fort.

I didn't set the trip, but I'd guess that the trip was around 160-180km.






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7 minutes ago, boboneleg said:

Nice one Bob, that fort looks really interesting  , shame you couldn't get in.

Cheers, Bob. The Fort isn't too far away, so I'll go back for a proper look when it's open again.  👍

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49 minutes ago, Tango said:

Cheers, Bob. The Fort isn't too far away, so I'll go back for a proper look when it's open again.  👍

with a ladder

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