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  1. I never used to do anything to my motorcycles when I was a young lass, just throw on some lube and go. Now I try to care for my bikes better, well one of them at least. The other one usually has other things to worry about besides general care...... Pretty easy to tell the Himalayan from the Honda!
  2. Lovely....I can never get enough of photos like this, with the mist and clouds in the forest.
  3. Nice Cannondale, I had one just like it for many years. Loved it, it was my city wheels, went everywhere in all kinds of weather......ahhhhh good memories. What brand of cleats have you got on it?
  4. Happy Sunday to you! Just having my morning coffee! I always feel like I've slept in because I talk to so many people in different time zones.... lol
  5. The Toronto Motorcycle Film Festival is on right now and there are some really fun films this year. . https://www.torontomotofilmfest.com/ Just watched this one, wow, if you get the chance check it out, fun and inspiring.
  6. We are normally very green right now too, but the nasty "heat dome" we had in June cooked everything early and we have felt a month ahead ever since. Having October weather right now as well, crazy times.....
  7. I welcome everyone to share their autumn photos and the awesome colours around your neighbourhood as the season goes on.
  8. As Autumn is beginning in the northern hemisphere, that also means the start of the lovely fall colours. As the evenings cool down, every morning displays a new array of warm and vibrant colours. The leaves slowly change and fall to the ground in a collection of rustic textures and rich colours. Time to get the snuggly sweaters on and welcome the autumn colours.
  9. Looks like the bee has passed out on the flower......too much pollen again
  10. The Goal Zero's we have are not too big, but not for bike camping, well, the one could fit in a tank bag actually.... Then we have a few solar panels, one that could also fit in a tank bag.....
  11. It came back on around 1am this morning. But the batteries were in full use most of yesterday. I have several Goal Zero battery packs for camping and they are AWESOME for when the power goes out. Had to cook dinner on the camp stove last night too..... But it worked and was fun!
  12. Well, what I have learned, like most things these days, it is 75% hype and 25% substance. GoPro is no different, they sell the new ones like they are soooooo different, but they are not that much "better" from the older ones. I always buy the older models on sale when the new ones come out, always a good deal. They are also much more affordable here overall. As for me, well I have 5 GoPro's already so I think I will hold off this time around. BUT, I love them all, they are super fun.
  13. The wind storm we had yesterday was super crazy for this time of year. We were without power for most of the afternoon and evening. Now the yard looks like someone was testing grenades in the trees........WHAT A MESS!!! ....and a big branch came down and broke the post that my power is connected to........oh dear, that's not good! Had to strap it up and wait for repairs.... Looks like it is a yard clean up day!
  14. Well, the rain and wind storm they were calling for sure has arrived. I had a really busy week and I'm thinking it is best to just relax today. So I started a warm fire, made some more coffee and now I'm working on a new Grasshopper's Path video.
  15. This lovely young lady has become a regular in my backyard. Look at those ears....
  16. Stopped at the beach today for lunch. The place was covered in fresh algae, rather pretty, but smelled funny.
  17. I don't think there is any possible way to help this thread.....but your efforts are appreciated.... lol I also saw @boboneleg tried with some Kermit and a banjo, but still not enough.... I LOVE music, it is almost always on in the background of my world. But every time I come to this thread I leave very perplexed and confused.... How are such sounds possible??????
  18. Looks very slick! Good Job! Just one question, how would I go about getting a brochure.......that didn't seem clear....
  19. Sure, keep pretending like you don't love the flowers....
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