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  1. My thoughts exactly... but the kove ( which means cabbage in portuguese, is interesting
  2. Listen, after what ive heard him say about Chinese bikes, seeing him get one will make me laugh a lot!! Bring the squinty eye on!!
  3. In Wales, One is happy to be in Wales!!
  4. On that alone it's well worth the investment!!
  5. If you change your mind and find a way, we will organise a good stay for you!
  6. Those dont like it here, chips are posh and too expensive...
  7. Ericeira is better,come here instead!!
  8. The oldest Alliance in the World in action!! Agreement signed today in London means UK and PT drivers licenses are accepted and interchangeable without tests! No excuse to not come over for a visit!! https://www.portugalresident.com/portugal-and-uk-agree-on-mutual-recognition-and-exchange-of-driving-licences/
  9. Sofia


    So lovely!!
  10. Its that 15 minute testosterone cycle...
  11. Poor girl... that is seriously unpleasant... coming from a vet that has encountered all manners of it, a line of work that relies heavily on knowing poo!! Still, in the Animal kingdom the worst is human poo! It washes away, 90% of the times...
  12. I ll give you my money to!! For sure electric
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