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  1. Glad im not the only one noticing! But lets not make him big headed!!
  2. Yes, Bucksy is correct, no whisky in Ireland, but really nice Pubs can be found everywhere!!
  3. Thats diplomacy right there! Those skills would be handy sorting out the canandrum that is the sausage trade between northen Ireland and the rest at the moment!!
  4. yes, the same here. but less. My Dad said its likely the person in question didnt inject us well. Maybe! No other symptoms, which is great!!
  5. I know more men then women that did it. Just your luck!!
  6. I got it today and indeed have a stiff arm!
  7. I didnt ram anyone, i scraped the side.
  8. Im struggling with the same, but to the right. Practice on the flat first and then on descents, practice makes perfect!
  9. all that will get you places!!
  10. there is a passport for that too!
  11. Its with great satisfaction I find out that it wasn't your choice, so you are a really decent brit!
  12. Sorry??? Since when Wales is not part of the British Nation?
  13. Sorry Pete, Spain is home to the least desirable brits... No idea why you are there, you seem very decent to me!
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