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  1. Specs

    It's 2022!

    And maybe a better New Year.
  2. Specs

    It's 2022!

    Belated Xmas greetings then.
  3. Heavy stuff low down and lighter things on top seems to be the rule.
  4. I was in Wallsend on a ship during refit and they were playing locally. Many on board had managed to get tickets. We sailed early, before the gig - they weren't very happy!
  5. A band that I'm thrilled to have missed.
  6. Small wonder that I liked it! Chemist used to concoct it to order.
  7. Looks as if they're owned by an Italian investment group if Wiki is to be believed. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morgan_Motor_Company
  8. Exactly. Just manufactured here. Remember Made in Hong Kong? Made in UK will be the modern day equivalent. Are there many UK companies left that aren't owned by Johnny Foreigner?
  9. Littledean Jail well worth a visit for those that have a penchant for weird and wonderful. https://www.littledeanjail.com
  10. Fall by John Preston. About Maxwell. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07YP7DTLZ/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_3Z752EDY0PKXVN71V05X
  11. Hmmm. Must be getting on for works do night again Fred.
  12. Osteoporosis because of hormonal changes.
  13. Fuckmine no. Feet first maybe.
  14. Seems reasonable. Noticed the green light when I opened Messenger. Nothing on WhatsApp.
  15. Just had a play on my iPhone 11 with the latest update and as far as I can make out the green only comes on when an app is open. If everything is shut down the only light is a yellow one on the camera app symbol.
  16. No. It was easy. The embarrassment gave me the strength of fifty men!
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