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  2. Separate thread ….
  3. “Can’t afford” is the correct term, I have some Dainese summer gloves though.
  4. Six30


    Yeh … @Sofiais one cool chick , bikes , cars … if she knows her way round a kitchen and likes football …. she’s the ideal lady
  5. So you want to talk about the person of Satan? Here or should we do a separate thread? I have loads of material we can discuss.
  6. busabeast


    That's life for you eh, money comes in and you don't see it for bills
  7. Today
  8. XTreme


    Got my Pension today! Soon be gone in bills though!
  9. You go and punch one guy after a hard day at work and you never hear the end of it! This deleting people thing never stops, was it even vegan cheese in the offered sandwich?
  10. Yesterday
  11. It’s “your eyes”, since you’re being corrected…
  12. It’s not Dainese, it’s a wolf. He couldn’t pull Dainese devil cool!
  13. https://www.rideapart.com/news/582218/dainese-speed-demon-logo-anniversary/ If you want to be sure you're parading around advertising the devil go to the Dainese website. They have the original devil sketches on there. https://www.dainese.com/gb/en/dainese/history.html?_gl=1*1itx3jx*_up*MQ..&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIrtevyYbh-wIVB7LtCh0cjQCuEAAYASAAEgLiHvD_BwE#dainese-history__tabs
  14. It's a demon. As in a speed demon. You have a jacket with a devil logo on it
  15. It’s not, it’s Wolf.
  16. if it's Dainese, it's a fox, not a wolf... just sayin' like.
  17. Is it flowers, acid or bondage you're looking for? Any which way if you check out Yen's rally pics I reckon he could hook you up
  18. Sofia


    There is yet another vehicle to show you... its been in my life since 2007, althought I hadn't seen it for 4 years and thought I never would, but the Gods of cars decided to give me a chance to get it again. As happy as I am to keep it, importing it to Portugal from Germany means I am, effectively, paying for it all over again... it will cost over 5000 euros to legalize it, which was exactly my half when in 2007 I bought it half ways with my ex husband... Anyway, I do indeed have too many toys, only short of an off road bike and a vibrator! The 1st I can't afford, the 2nd I don't need!!
  19. Erm......have you got any to sell?
  20. ‘You mention diet again and I will piss in your boots’
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