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Got a cryptic message from Martyn asking if I fancied a ride for breakfast in the morning. So I got up to 4Turnings roundabout for 10:00am.  Shadow in tow as always.   
Anyway Martyn was there with his V85T Guzzi, then Andy turned up with his Triumph Scrambler 900 and of course Gary with his 1973 Bonnie.  
Martin said he had found this place called Rainbow Bikes near Ashburton in fucking East Devon.  I asked him what he was taking us to 😳 he said don’t worry they are legit and have a good trip advisor rating for the food.    So off we went, got 5 miles to the first junction and we lost Gary, fucking broken down.   Why he rides that museum piece I don’t know.   Anyway Andy goes and rescues him and takes him to get a spare clutch cables as that was all it was.   
Martyn and I headed up to Saltash for him to get fuel. while they fixed the Bonnie.  


To be fair they were only 20 minutes behind us but Gary was spouting some story about how he got to 85 to catch us up, normally he reckons he can’t see above 70 because of the vibes.   Old Triumph speedos, I don’t know.  🤣 

Anyway reunited we blast, well I say blast but sat at 65 for Gary is probably closer to the mark, up the A38 Devon Expressway to Ashburton and Rainbow Bikes.  Turns out the rainbow comes from them being an electric scooter and bike shop.  Benelli Dealership as well.  

Nice Old Sunbeam in the car park 


Well the café was very good and their half charge breakfast (electric theme) was bloody  good. 

Note to self don’t park over an oil patch to avoid paranoia. I found out later that an old BSA was in the same spot as me before we got there 🤣

Fed and watered we headed for the south coast through the South Hams to Brixham for an ice cream.  

Got the ice cream and had a mooch around the harbour where Gary board us all about fucking wood working and his paper driving license   😕

Well, Brixham done we headed back through the South Hams which is stunningly beautiful even if the roads are congested shit, to the A38 and home. Bloody roads around Plymouth are so congested, the last 2 miles to the Tamar Bridge we filtered the whole way as the traffic was gridlocked.    Not even school holidays yet.   😳

Trip stats when I got home were 6 hours and 157 miles 


Good day out on the old CBF600 which is running like a Honda.   Good company, fed and a few laughs mostly at Gary’s expense 🤣
Shadow has gone to bed knackered and I’m chilling before work tonight.   Many bikes out today.   

So much traffic though, gonna stay off the A38 and A30 as much as possible until the season is over the congestion does my head in, to many close squeaks for comfort, mostly Gary but still to many people around.  

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