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quick couple of hours this afternoon as it was good clear weather again, too hot for the thermal liners really but I couldn't be arsed to take them out so I didn't stop much. nearly 15 degC. 

Rode west for an hour, then North for half an hour and then followed the "target" arrow on the compass home.




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14 hours ago, Grasshopper's Ride said:

The roads look nice and dry! 

What is the building in the first pic?

roads were dry where they were in the sunshine, not otherwise.  I haven't the foggiest what that building is now though it was obviously once a church. Either the towers predate the church and are the remains of a previous building or the whole was once a fortified church, which would date the building back as far as the 9th or 10th century but rare in this part of France ( though commun in other areas). 

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