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  1. Current Location. Got very drunk last night. 2 Abbey beers on top of a salad = twatted. But another fine day in store!
  2. The air was cool with a very hot sun. interesting day today. electric problems. Bodged and limped to Besancon. New/old part found and sorted. But it took hours. Stopped for a meal at Gap (appropriately enough) and from there to Le Camping Moto, in the Vercors. Arrived at dusk so tents up and sorted fast! and beer. what a day. We should have been here by 4. Not 9:30!!! spotted a treasure at the bike place…
  3. Weather about to turn to thunder and lightning very very frightening. So heading for France. It’s 37c!!!!!!!!!
  4. 30c in the valley. And a lovely 20c at 2566m
  5. I’ve been prematurely aged by herding 30 yr olds with teenage mindset’s and working with the chronically bewildered doesn’t help.?
  6. That’s me in the midst of consuming almost a full bottle of 30% alc real limoncello. Made with the proper lemons from amalfi. And lovely it was too. I fancy buying a crate!! they had 95% spirit which made the lads eyes light up. Multiple purposes, drink. Use as a hand sanitizer or fuel for the stove!!
  7. Little excursion to Slovenia. 3/4 way up the Mangart- last bit closed due to rockfall. Ho hum. This has to be the most dangerous road I have ever ridden.
  8. In answer to the burning question, my bum is fine because I don’t have the original seat (an instrument of torture) I have a Sargent.
  9. This minute in murano as I needed to use the loo. And McDonald’s have decent loos. Leaving soon for Bolzano to pick up the start of the great dolomite road to cortina. Staying in Italy tonight as Austria is very wet.
  10. fortunately I have ear plugs at the ready. think I might need them both on and off the bike. Im virtually set and ready to start packing, kinda. sorta. ready-ish. just collecting the stuff I think I might need and then whittling that down to what is actually essential. Looks very much like a fine weekend for the run down to Austria. plenty of sun and warm all weekend and into next week. which is more than can be said for the Grossglockner.. where its pretty horrible today after a fair amount of snow fall last nigh!! Pity any poor fools who had today earmarked for a ride up there. .2c and awful visibility.
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