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Found 6 results

  1. February saw most members not riding, on the last weekend some of us just couldn't hold out anymore, here are this month's few entries. Few, but good! It'll all blue skies this month, take a look and cast your vote: @Grasshopper's Ride's Honda CB500F on Canada's Sunshine Coast @MooN's Triumph Tiger 800 XC enjoying the french countryside @Pedro's BMW R1200GSA on central Portugal's countryside @XTreme's BMW G650GS out on Southern Spain's mountains
  2. So, although the world conspires against the BOTM events, we did manage to get a few cool entries for BOTM. Feast your eyes on this! We´ve got: @alfalfa's BMW R1200GSA, "Flames", on a Californian dirt road in the US @Grasshopper's Ride's Royal Enfield Himalayan, "Bagheera" on a lush British Columbia forest, in Canada @Pedro's BMW R1200GSA on a green meadow in Portugal @Skippy's Royal Enfield Himalayan on a sunny ride in Southern Spain @Tym's moped, "Loosenuts", hanging from a tree in the US @XTreme's BMW G650GS out on a chilly ride in Spain
  3. Guys, Although some members are either snow locked in, or covid locked in, we still have a few submissions for Bike Of The Month December edition. Please look below and cast your vote accordingly, this is the bike that will be in the banner as we start 2021, for the better or for the worse. @boboneleg's Yamaha Tenere 700 visiting grounded jets on a moody UK @Grasshopper's Ride's black Royal Enfiel Himalayan, "Bagheera", out enjoying winter in Canada @MooN's Triumph Tiger 800, out on a motorcycling fix in France @Pedro's BMW R1200GSA out wine shopping in Portugal @Sir Fallsalot's Honda NX650 Dominator, indeed dominating winter in the UK @Skippy's white Royal Enfield Himalayan on an offroad ride in Spain @Tym's Kawasaki KLR, taking team green to a new level in the US @XTreme's BMW G650GS out spreading rugged individualism in Spain
  4. Sorry for the delay, guys and galls, but feast your eyes on October's submissions for Bike Of The Month: @boboneleg's Suzuki DR650 @Grasshopper's Ride's Royal Enfiel Himalayan @MooN's Triumph Tiger800 @Pedro's BMW R1200GSA @Sir Fallsalot's Honda NX650 Dominator @XTreme's BMW G650GS
  5. Here are our three contenders for August Bike Of The Month, two Royal Enfield Himalayans and one Triumph Speed Triple. Cast your votes, and let's find out which bike goes on the banner next month. @Grasshopper's Ride's Royal Enfield Himalayan, Bagheera in the lush forrest. @Skippy's Royal Enfield Himalayan, out on the mediterranean coast @Sofia's Triumph Speed Triple RS, on top of a hill with the ocean in the distance.
  6. People, vote starts now, at the end of the 28th we will have the final 3 contenders, and vote on those. We've got a few nice ones this month. Hey @Sir Fallsalot, it´s a Dominator, isn´t it? @XTreme, sticky thread? @boboneleg's Yamaha T700 on a rest in british summer @Grasshopper's Ride's Royal Enfiel Himalayan, Bagheera in the lush forrest @Pedro's BMW R1200GSA overlooking Spain from above @Skippy's Royal Enfield Himalayan by the beach @Tym's Kawasaki GTR Concours, oldschool cool @Tym's Kawasaki KLR on a woods ride @Sir Fallsalot's Honda NX650 Dominator with offroad trim on a typical british road @Sofia's cool Triumph Speed Triple RS on top of a mountain @XTreme's Suzuki VStrom 650 exploring wild Spain.
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