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  1. Let's get this going, see if we'll have a few ones for January, I have hardly been on the bike but here's hoping I manage to take it out before the weekend still. Rules are simple: horizontal pictures, taken this month on a ride, your motorcycle. Picture submission will be open until Sunday evening. Feel free to post more than one and discuss, I will only consider the last one of posted.
  2. I can tell by the general mood over the last few days that the tension is building up, everyone is surely eager and waiting for November's BOTM. This is easily understood since Motorcycle Rider's BOTM is growing to be a pretty coveted title all over the internet You can all now submit your November BOTM entries in this thread. Simple and few rules, as always: your bike somewhere, taken this month, on an horizontal picture. Have at it, you can post whatever you might consider to be your entry and then post another one later on, only the last entry will be considered by me. I will start the vote thread sometime around afternoon / evening on the 27th, time might be uncertain so consider that as the deadline for submissions.
  3. This is the time, October 2023's most prestigious motorcycling accolade is about to grace one of our members, you choose who and what bike wins our Bike Of The Month October. Please vote according to what you feel like, be it best scenery, best bike, best trip, best scenery, best picture, person you least hate, it doesn't really matter as long as you do vote and don't forget to switch before it's final. I'm setting the poll to close on the 31st at 21:00. Here are our choices for this month: @boboneleg's Yamaha WR250X, chilling by the canal on a moody day: @Marcel's sleek Indian Challenger Limited, out in Canada's changing Autumn colours @MooN's Triumph Tiger 800XC, out on a romantic french vineyard dirt road: @Pedro's BMW R1200GS Adventure, overlooking a lighthouse on Portugal's Atlantic shore: @Saul's brand new Honda CB750 Hornet, here enjoying a cool morning in Mevagissey, Cornwall. @Six30's fast and shiny BMW S1000R stopped for a break on bucolic Wrotham. @Tango's Triumph Street Scrambler 900 out on historic France. You can almost see ghosts of musketeers past galloping along the road. @XTreme's ultra clean Honda CB500X styling high in the Andalusian mountains
  4. February saw most members not riding, on the last weekend some of us just couldn't hold out anymore, here are this month's few entries. Few, but good! It'll all blue skies this month, take a look and cast your vote: @Grasshopper's Ride's Honda CB500F on Canada's Sunshine Coast @MooN's Triumph Tiger 800 XC enjoying the french countryside @Pedro's BMW R1200GSA on central Portugal's countryside @XTreme's BMW G650GS out on Southern Spain's mountains
  5. We are about to end February, please submit your Bike Of The Month pictures here. As always, your own bike on a ride taken this month. One bike per person. At the end of the month I’ll make the voting thread. Pete, sticky? you can move this to another section if you think it makes sense.
  6. So, although the world conspires against the BOTM events, we did manage to get a few cool entries for BOTM. Feast your eyes on this! We´ve got: @alfalfa's BMW R1200GSA, "Flames", on a Californian dirt road in the US @Grasshopper's Ride's Royal Enfield Himalayan, "Bagheera" on a lush British Columbia forest, in Canada @Pedro's BMW R1200GSA on a green meadow in Portugal @Skippy's Royal Enfield Himalayan on a sunny ride in Southern Spain @Tym's moped, "Loosenuts", hanging from a tree in the US @XTreme's BMW G650GS out on a chilly ride in Spain
  7. So, you new to the forum squids probably don't know this, but Bike Of The Month is a major honor in the motorcycling world. Every month you are free to submit one picture of your own motorcycle (one per member only), on a ride taken this month, preferably in front of cool scenery and not behind the dumpsters next to a pound shop, and not amongst a bunch of other bikes in front of the wagon where you get your tea from. The ride, the scenery, etc, is as important if not more than the bike itself. On the end of the 31st I'll close this thread and use all pictures to start a vote in which we all will decide who starts 2021 on a win. You can post more than one picture. Latest one counts. Probably not many submissions this month, but there you go. We'll work with what we can. Let's not hijack the thread too much.
  8. Guys, Although some members are either snow locked in, or covid locked in, we still have a few submissions for Bike Of The Month December edition. Please look below and cast your vote accordingly, this is the bike that will be in the banner as we start 2021, for the better or for the worse. @boboneleg's Yamaha Tenere 700 visiting grounded jets on a moody UK @Grasshopper's Ride's black Royal Enfiel Himalayan, "Bagheera", out enjoying winter in Canada @MooN's Triumph Tiger 800, out on a motorcycling fix in France @Pedro's BMW R1200GSA out wine shopping in Portugal @Sir Fallsalot's Honda NX650 Dominator, indeed dominating winter in the UK @Skippy's white Royal Enfield Himalayan on an offroad ride in Spain @Tym's Kawasaki KLR, taking team green to a new level in the US @XTreme's BMW G650GS out spreading rugged individualism in Spain
  9. Sorry for the delay, guys and galls, but feast your eyes on October's submissions for Bike Of The Month: @boboneleg's Suzuki DR650 @Grasshopper's Ride's Royal Enfiel Himalayan @MooN's Triumph Tiger800 @Pedro's BMW R1200GSA @Sir Fallsalot's Honda NX650 Dominator @XTreme's BMW G650GS
  10. Here is the thread for submission of your pictures for Bike Of the Month September, on the 25th I'll start a poll for voting. @XTreme, sticky thread? This time I think we're better not having two votes, it never occurred to me that there would be no way of settling a possible tie , what do you guys think? Also, no tractors, cars, lawnmowers, washing machines, sowing machines, trikes, quads, buses, boats, and other vehicles other than motorcycles will be accepted, but nothing stops you from submitting pictures though, tractors are particularly popular
  11. Here are our three contenders for August Bike Of The Month, two Royal Enfield Himalayans and one Triumph Speed Triple. Cast your votes, and let's find out which bike goes on the banner next month. @Grasshopper's Ride's Royal Enfield Himalayan, Bagheera in the lush forrest. @Skippy's Royal Enfield Himalayan, out on the mediterranean coast @Sofia's Triumph Speed Triple RS, on top of a hill with the ocean in the distance.
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