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  1. Look's like spring weather to me... Sissy!
  2. I just bought and air frie oven... Can't wait to try it... Road kill jerky on the menu...
  3. Do I need to remind you... You bought this in a Honda dealership... You can't get any gayer than that..
  4. That's not a wolfs head... More like a French poodle...
  5. It looks like something I would wear to a fishing expedition.... This is what real men wear.. Those are actual shot gun shell clips that hold down your jeans from lifting up....
  6. Marcel


    In a sexual way?
  7. Marcel


    I'm not single....
  8. Why not... I always wanted to see the sunshine coast... Not my fault it turned into a sexothon..
  9. Don't know what your going on about... At least I don't have a grand PA beard on my face... You should dress up has Santa.. Perfect resemblance..
  10. A little more than the cf... I might be buying one soon.. But I've checked the big 4 around here and the price are ridiculous..
  11. Pete birds flock to me... I'm irresistible to the opposite sex... And no it's not just cause of my bikes... I'm well hung...
  12. Careful.. My Bible wedding friend... I'll get Odin to shoot a bolt of lightning on your bike...
  13. I haven't heard about them yet... I'm sure they must sell them in Canada... Just curious do you have and idea on retail price for the 1000.
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