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  1. Same here... Not my thing.
  2. What exactly where you looking at.... My facebutt page?
  3. What is it with these harley bikers and burn out... I just don't get it...
  4. We stop at Jackie voutour or what remains of his house.. The government tried to explel him from his property many years ago after they declared a national park... He's now pass away his son has a make shift shelter in place to this day.. It made national news back in the days..
  5. Just getting home... Long day riding with gang.... Here's a few pic..
  6. Pete tried to get me to like this forum on facebutt... You sneaky bastard...
  7. So how long are you planning to travel on this adventure..... I haven't read or looked much into this thread... Just short on time on my end... But promise I will Soon has I find time..
  8. Well tell you the truth I was more worried about the bears...
  9. Ya your probably the source...
  10. Fuck off Pete with that dam picture... That's fucken monkeypok... 100% sure.
  11. Hey I'm a he you Biden supporter..
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