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  1. Going for a ride and super with long legs tomorrow morning...departure is at 10...I might need my long John's...I'll try to take a few discreet pictures for you perverts..
  2. No the fucking thing is un- sellable it looks like...it's down to 18 g negotiable...think it will be here for another year...season is pretty well getting to a close.
  3. Never mind the quad lock...there's a new one available...it glues to the top of your lid ( like your go pro)...it's called look at me I'm a complete idiot lock.
  4. A little nippy this morning...13c weather is changing...Dam I can't wait for the climate change to get here so I can ride year round....forecast for the weekend 22c and sunny I'll be out for sure....maybe a ride report..but no promises.
  5. Hi and welcome ....just a heads-up there's a few Cb owners here in particular we have this weird looking twat that looks like cross between a China man and boy Goerge....stay away from him you'll thank me later.
  6. Tired has hell....had to drive to the airport last night..left home in rain at 7 pm...my mom forgot her car keys in Alberta...so I had to run the the spair to her wich is about a 3 hour drive one way...in the rain in this moose infested area...got back home at 1 am this morning....think she's getting to old to travel...
  7. Well a little bimble ...sorry no time for pics..the bike is about to turn over to 9000 km ....pretty sure I'll be be hitting 10k mark before it's over..
  8. Don't think it has the power to stretch a chain Pete ...imagine you could probably run that with a bungee cord.
  9. Sorry to hear that Ian ...
  10. We got breack in the weather today ...I'm going for a ride ...weekend looks horrible..hurricane Lee supposed to reach us by Saturday....
  11. My point exactly...it's not like Pete is oozing macheezmoness..riding with that gay ass honda...those feminine genes could have been passed down..
  12. Hey Pete being computer wizard and all..you should running a face recognition program....try to find a bird that look like this .
  13. Hey have you look at the news lately ...2005 is a long time.. maybe your searching for the wrong sex department.
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