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  1. Three days left and I got a pannier key cut in 2 minuits at the intermarché. Voila. Edit: now I can go back to the first campsite and get the bondage gear out the case.
  2. You can never lose a Tony. Well that's not true, there's times when it's undeclared "time to get a move on" but no, he went out and I stayed around the campsite to tend to my sore head and swollen uvula. He's now back, full of kebab and with a 4 pack of tartelletes, empty but for a few crumbs.
  3. Very drunk. I've been green laning... On foot. Looking at butterflies. Threatened to rain earlier but it soon changed its mind and put the blue back up. Currently supping a (french sized) pint, listening to conversations in German, Dutch, French, and Belgian, and waiting for the food to roll up. No sign of Tony yet.
  4. It was not. It's even more unpleasant queuing in it. Oof. Had a shower and walked up the village to the boozer and need another one.
  5. Just the duo. Internet is a bit shit tonight. Had a bit of a day off from riding. Late ish one yesterday, took longer than expected getting back from Slovenia, which was going to take ages anyway but they shut the pass back home. Didn't make it home afore dark. Over a hundred miles home, already 8pm and the only straight bit was £1.20 worth of auto strada. Rain. Fog. Deer. Millions of speed cameras. Spam and butter fried stale bread for a 1am picnic. I must've kicked a deer, as I was doing a prolonged doctor's dangle to stretch the leg and all of a sudden a shadow ran across the road with a thud to the boot. Wasn't the last one we saw. Petrol was very cheap in Slovenia though, 50p cheaper. You can't see very well either after going through a lit tunnel at reasonable speed but full of mist, then being plunged into the darkness. Visor fully fogged. Glasses fully fogged. Grappa has been purchased, with limoncello chaser. Oh dear.
  6. Ohh I saw a factory for the big Italian brand Luxotica today. It reminded me to tell you that whilst in Southern Germany I saw a couple of Liebherr factories and got quite excited. Triumph seems to so well abroad Back latish for tea. Everything shuts at 7 so struggled to find an open shop on the way home. Note in picture the spar says open all day but we got there at half 7 and as soon as a grabbed a pack of sausages the shutters went down on the fridge. Still, managed to get some onions, bread and a bit of grappa. Tasted pretty Italian definitely. With a bit of HP. Salut
  7. Alright it's not that fuckin hot, but then there is some green stuff around and it's not a desert. Around 30. The rain has returned. Just stopped for a min. Been mostly main roads today but it's getting there now.
  8. I think he'll be along soon if he doesn't get taken out by another Italian jam sandwich. In Italy now, it's fuckin hot. Stopped at a Tony sanctuary for ablutions. However, they do at least have proper coffee, the Italians wouldn't accept any less.
  9. I'm not sure but we're not stopping until it's 30° or more. Now in Austria, over the Fernpass, a nice easy one in the wet. Brunch. Can see some proper jaggedy type mountains now, well, when the cloud fucks off.
  10. Rain. Packed up and heading for sun, Italy.
  11. Not many pictures today. Nothing much happened today, just more slogging it out. No black forest. The mirror on the vfr needs nipping up when I can be bothered, it moves at 90mph, which seems to be our cruising speed. Big wobbly mess above 120mph in its current configuration as well, the bike that is. Weaves all over. Other than that, it was just a case of getting from one meal to another. 7.50 each for last night. Breakfast. With cake. But don't be too jealous, it tasted of old feet. Dinner on the motorway towards Munich. Not many service stations, and it was dear. We were flagging at about 5 so gave up the next 80miles and camped up in 20 instead. Good spot this one, but then so was last night, it depends who comes out in the dark of night. Supper.
  12. It's camping municipal with lots of kids around. Obviously that didn't stop this german twat taking me to the lake edge and showing me his little peepee. I'll sleep clutching my hammer just in case he's had some Dutch courage. Edit. Under no circumstances can he break my remaining pannier key.
  13. Well, it gets more interesting. I've just been accosted by an ungent with a penchant for penis (not that there's anything wrong with that). He won't take nein for an answer. Is this how the other half live? Unnerving.
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