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  1. As Autumn is beginning in the northern hemisphere, that also means the start of the lovely fall colours. As the evenings cool down, every morning displays a new array of warm and vibrant colours. The leaves slowly change and fall to the ground in a collection of rustic textures and rich colours. Time to get the snuggly sweaters on and welcome the autumn colours.
  2. Hi My name is Michelle (aka: The Grasshopper) Welcome to Grasshopper's Ride, the adventures of a mild mannered, middle-aged bookkeeper on a motorcycle. Highlighting the beautiful Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada. ------------------------------------------- Let's start with an Intro! With my bike down for repairs, I have a bit of extra time on my hands. So I have prepared a trailer for my YouTube Channel, Grasshopper's Ride. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChWHkOm8ZDUQ8XzdHkbM9ng?view_as=subscriber Have a watch, it's silly, funky and just good fun on two wheels. Have a great week everyone! I'll post other videos here for your viewing pleasure. Unless everyone starts throwing rocks at me, then I'll quietly retreat back into the forest again.....lol
  3. The mid August day was cooler, as the hot summer days seemed to have passed. A light rain the evening before had made the gravel roads a bit less dusty and the forest brightened up with a fresh green. My Himalayan was running just right, a happy single just thumping away. With all that and some quiet roads through the forest, you have a wonderful August excursion. A short stop at the lake doesn't hurt either, to make the ride there that much sweeter.
  4. On Friday we took the CBs for a longer highway run. They both have over 700km on them now, so we thought it would be a good time. This way on the highway involves a lot of corners as it snakes along the Coast. It was cloudy so the highway was super quiet. We rode for about 45 minutes then stopped at a small park to enjoy the view. We tend to get a little carried away with our signs here. So what can I do???? lol There were some great paths and even a bathroom. There was also a nice little picnic area, but so strange, as someone dumped a big pile of sand in the bay trying to make a beach, very odd. The lake was calm and beautiful. A really nice spot to come as many people never seem to stop here. It was a really nice run on the bikes. Truly what they were made for, smooth and curvy highway riding. I realized I still have a lot to learn about Charlotte, but it was a great ride. ??
  5. Had a lovely long ride on Charlotte yesterday. I really needed to ride, so I decided to go for a coffee, at the farthest away coffee shop from home. ? Once the coffee was acquired we went on a walk around Gibsons. Had a view of the marina with a rather scary looking cloud overhead. This is where most people dock in the area and you can see in the distance some of the super fancy houses around here. Thought of you @Bruce with all those boats around. Around here if there is something to decorate they do. This retaining wall had some nice local native art to keep things colourful. But this staircase down to the water looked a bit steep for some old folks. After the coffee we headed to the Bay to enjoy the view for a few, but it was way too busy, so off we went. I was sad, we went through a super pretty area in Gibsons but my camera failed. The poor thing has been through hell with me, so no surprise. I did manage to capture a bit of the ride. I am going to put this bit into my new YouTube video introducing Charlotte, but here is a sneak peak! Enjoy and thanks for reading my ride report. ?
  6. The sky was grey and cold but Charlotte needed her first fuel stop so off we went. Where I live all the signs are also in the local native language. Very difficult to pronounce. Here we are at our friendly local gas station. It is so friendly the locals grab a little kiss before fueling up. ? Now my turn, Charlotte is a thirsty girl. Now off to the bike shop for some chain lube. But first I really have to pee, it's the cold I swear. This is my serious I have to pee face, just in case you wanted to know. ? Well the stupid bike shop was closed....man, sometimes this place is so annoying, but hey look at that cool truck. Time to head home, but let's take the long way. ? Well that wasn't the most exciting ride report, but it was a fun ride, just too short and too cold. I recorded a little video, but my CB is so quiet you can hardly hear her. This is a road just near my house, one of my favorites.
  7. As I sip my morning coffee I watch the light misty rain ? fall outside my window. Looks like a rainy ride today, I think to myself. A smile ?comes over my face, as I have realized that I love riding in the rain. Riding through the tall lush evergreens of the Pacific Northwest rainforest of British Columbia, is simply magical in the rain. A light mist forms and floats through the trees, the green seems to wrap around you and the smell is so very fresh. It's all good, until.......DUN DUN DUUUUN!!! The Big Red Gate ??......oh well, need to turn around and do it all over again...?
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