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  1. @Earache Thanks for that up date. Did not know all that. I was hoping to avoid the Interstates as much as possible and enjoy the country side. Going to Farmington, just north of Salt Lake City. UT is one pretty state and does have some nice area. Here in Arkansas we have great roads for riding.
  2. Thanks again for the welcome. Some years back I had to put a sidecar on for the wife, could not ride long distances anymore. When I ride alone I can take the sidecar off. The sidecar is a different experience. I can say that there have been times I was glad to have it like the time there rear tire blew on the Interstate. But still, nothing like leaning in the curves. When we do short rides the wife can ride on the back and we take our two labs with us. Just trying to enjoy.
  3. Thanks for that. Never thought I would still be up at this age. If I start to have problems "holding the monster up" I might get the drop down helpers that they have at Leg up by Chopper Design. Ride safe, Bill
  4. Hi everyone. I am new to this forum Don't know if I have the right place but interested in some feed back. I am 84 years old and so far have kept the shinny side up. I am planning visiting my son in UT. I was looking at Route 40 out of Denver over to UT. Was wondering if anyone had rode that road and could give me some feed back and of course advice. Thanks, Ride safe, William
  5. Welcome to Motorcycle Riders. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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